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A Personalized Approach To Optimal Brain Health And Wellness


Quality sleep is essential for day-to-day functioning and for long-term wellness.  

There are numerous causes for abnormal sleep patterns; leading to problems with memory, concentration, mood regulation, and immune dysfunction. We use neurofeedback to target abnormal areas of brain activity involved in insomnia and other dysregulated sleep patterns.


Neurofeedback in high performance brains can enhance self-regulation, improving responses to external and internal stressors and can aid in recovery.   When peak performance areas of the brain are trained this supports confidence, focus, and motivation.  


Attention and learning involve different nerve circuits in the brain. Neurofeedback training can improve self-regulation and allow optimal function that can translate into increased focus and attention and decreased hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

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EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback) is a non-invasive brain training technique that allows the brain to receive feedback on its own activity in real time. This helps the nervous system learn how to better self-regulate and can help achieve or restore optimal function and through that impact a variety of symptoms associated with brain dysregulations.


I am a Board certified physician assistant with 10 years of clinical experience and the lead clinician at FlowState Neurofeedback.  With a growing passion for neuroscience and research-based approaches to use in combination with western medicine, I completed training in neurofeedback through the EEG Institute and continue training in functional medicine through the Kresser Institute.  My practice is currently focused on neurofeedback services for all ages to support individuals on their unique journeys towards optimal health and wellness. Through this work, I have witnessed profound benefits to clients that are so often desired.

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The best performance of your brain requires the integration of your mind and body. Our goal is to have you functioning at your peak as quickly as possible — life awaits!

Learn More About Neurofeedback 

What is Neurofeedback? 


EEG biofeedback, also known as neurofeedback or brain wave training, is a non-invasive brain training technique that allows the brain to receive feedback on its own activity in real-time. This feedback is received via visual, auditory, and/or tactile feedback. This process encourages the brain to develop healthier patterns of activity and better self-regulation and can achieve or restore optimal brain function. 


When brain wave patterns become disrupted, leading to unhealthy biological activity and behavior these manifest as conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, addictions, and many other conditions that challenge the way individuals experience and respond to their environment. The goal of neurofeedback therapy is to help modulate these dysregulated brain wave patterns.


Recent research has shown that when given the proper support, the brain has the ability to change and adapt, a property known as neuroplasticity. Neurofeedback can encourage and speed up this process of neuroplasticity.


Neurofeedback does not involve any electrical current to the brain.


How Long Does Training Take?


Each session takes approximately 45 minutes. This includes discussion, setup, and 30 minutes of training. 


EEG training is a gradual learning process and while subtle changes in symptoms can be noted early on during training, a certain amount of repetition is needed to achieve and sustain initial goals. Depending on how sensitive the brain is to this method, how quickly it responds to the training, and the symptoms we are targeting, this can be done in as few as 20 sessions or we might need 50 or more sessions to achieve the desired outcomes. Progress is monitored and tested along the way to maximize effectiveness.


Who Can Benefit?


Individuals of any age can benefit from neurofeedback training. It can help a variety of childhood problems including nightmares, attention deficits, and other forms of disruptive behaviors. Neurofeedback can assist adolescents and adults who struggle with anxiety and depression or substance misuse. Neurofeedback can alleviate symptoms of physical and emotional problems such as migraines, chronic pain, or PTSD. 


Neurofeedback is similar to going to the gym for the brain, supporting even those who do not have psychiatric or neurological disorders to achieve optimal functioning. Peak performers also use EEG training to enhance their abilities in academia, sports, business, and the creative arts.

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Client Stories

Robin was able to tailor my Neurofeedback sessions to help me achieve my goals. I wanted to deal better with stressors and to help my brain function in a more coherent manner. I struggled  with stress all my life, trying everything you are "supposed" to do for stress-relief. Nothing helped. I had lots of trauma in my life, starting in the womb, but I wasn't certain exactly what the trauma was. In 2013, this stress caused me to have a stroke, which made my brain feel "disconnected," as if the various parts could not communicate with one another. My neurologist told me nothing could be done. Through several different modes of training, Robin relieved my trauma-induced stress (without me even understanding exactly what the trauma was!), and created synchrony within my brain that helps it to function better. When I first started Neurofeedback, I was anxious, depressed, and exhausted. Now I sleep better, find stress to be a non-issue, and feel that my brain is all on the same path.  Robin has changed my life, in the most amazing ways!

Laurie, 52
Brain Storming on Paper

Client Stories

I feel like I’ve discovered something so positive and profound in my quest to improve myself. Robin has
expertly guided me through more than 3 dozen sessions of neurofeedback. She’s so smart, kind, and
understanding. She really takes the time to make sure I’m comfortable with the process and that I know
what to expect.
Neurofeedback is kind of hard to describe, but it is helping me get out of my rut of the same negative
thoughts and self-defeating patterns. When I first started the sessions, I was feeling very anxious,
confused, and easily distracted. Now, after a couple of months, I’m much more calm, confident, and
focused. And I feel like so many of my emotional triggers have been greatly reduced. I also am sleeping well without sleeping pills, which I took every night for several years.
I’m not done with my journey, but I’m feeling so much more positive and excited about my future. 
Thank you, Robin.

Paula, 55
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